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Baseline’s unique combination of extensive experience and startup attitude creates a collaborative environment in which we strive to customize our services to the specific needs of every project.


Baseline Theatrical was founded in 2014 by Andy Jones, after ten years on the management teams of Rent, Avenue Q, and In The Heights, as a full service general management office for the theatre. Nick Lugo joined Base­line in 2014 direct from managing the National Tours of Rent: The Broadway Tour, Mamma Mia!, and The Book of Mormon.

Choosing a general manager is an important first step toward the success of a show for any producer. Whether brought on early in the development stage or when a show is cooked and ready to serve, Baseline provides services and guidance in financial management, long-term production planning, employee management and contracting, negotiating theatre deals, hiring necessary vendors, creating and implementing marketing initiatives, and basically anything else.

Let’s work together.